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"My knee was hurting so bad I would drag my leg to keep the pain from being so strong. I would get injections, and they were helpful for a period of time, but it got where that didn't do any good. I was so glad I decided to have the surgery. My husband Carl has had both of this knees done, and he would tell me how much it helped. Dr. Knight never told me WHEN I should have the surgery, that I needed it, but I would have to tell him and I would know when it was necessary. He is a great person and his sense of humor makes you feel comfortable when you have you appointment. I am facing having the other one done in the near future, as my other knee is bone on bone. I would say that doing your therapy is very important if you want to have a successful knee replacement.  Successful knee replacement comes with having a good doctor and a good therapist." -- Mary K.

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