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"I was referred to Dr. Lents for further evaluation on a damaged rotator cuff and frayed labium, which was the result of an old pitching injury from decades ago when I was playing in the Pirate organization. The over-all discomfort, pain and weakness from this degenerative injury reached the point where the right arm and shoulder were virtually useless in the role of everyday activity. At the end of the day I was unable to sleep as I could not lie on my right side, which is the side that I normally sleep on.

After viewing my X-rays, scans, and my MRI, Dr. Lents reviewed the work that had been done on the shoulder back in the 60's when I was a baseball player in Iowa. He felt we could start out with minimal treatment and progressively increase the treatment if the initial stages did not bring the appropriate relief and create as cessation of pain.

Fortunately for me, the cortisone injections into the shoulder and rotator cuff area within days brought immediate relief from the constant pain and over-all weakness. Within a matter of days, my shoulder was fully functional again and my strength returned to that area without any side effects. The amazing part is that the shots seems to also affect my arthritic hands as the pain also decreased in both of them. I am able to do my yard work, decorating, and painting that I had been unable to attempt for over a decade or more.

I am tremendously pleased with the treatment process and its result, and I am very optimistic that if previous symptoms would re-occur that I will be able to repeat this treatment process and again gain relief and functional capacity." --  J. Mitch H.

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