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"There were great nurses, every one of them on every shift. I have told everyone I know this and will keep telling them. I would recommend them to everyone I know. It’s true that they do care for the patient. I'm living proof. I almost coded twice when I was in recovery after my surgery. My nurse reacted calm and professional to save me from not knowing I was allergic to morphine, and I don't remember anything. The only thing I do remember is gasping for my breath, then back to life again, then grasping for my breath again. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for saving me from that horrible pain medicine. During the rest of my stay, I had no pain medicine and I don’t plan on taking any. I was healed, walking, doing my therapy, and able to go home 2 days after surgery. I was back to work and driving in 5 weeks! I am pain free and very blessed. Love you all for being a caring facility." -- Loretta N.

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