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"When my left knee began to hurt badly upon standing and walking, I decided it best to find a doctor. Nine years ago, my right knee did the same, and Dr. Trueblood, who is now retired, did a total knee replacement with very good results. After an x-ray, Dr. Knight informed me that my knee was bone on bone, and I informed him I was too old to have knee replacement surgery. I left his office very discouraged, went home and prayed about it, and decided I did not want to spend the rest of my life sitting in a wheel chair because the pain would be too much to walk on it. I obtained another appointment with Dr. Knight and informed him I did want total knee replacement. His nurse arranged for surgery on 9/9/2014. The surgery and short hospital stay was excellent. They provided the best of care. I am now doing therapy and can walk without a cane or walker. I would advise anyone with knee or hip pain to seek care at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists." -- Patricia R.

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