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"I was in the US Navy for 20 years as a Hull Technician, which is pretty much, a Jack-of-all-trades. I was a welder, plumber, carpenter, and fire fighter. It is by far one of the most physical jobs in the Navy with long hours and a lot of heavy lifting. By the time I was ready to retire, I had bad back pain, in which the Navy sent me to the Naval Hospital for back surgery. I had a double disc replacement of L4/L5/S-1 with a prosthetic disc. After I retired, I was still having back pain and was seeing the VA for treatment. They couldn't do much for pain management. I went to a civilian doctor who referred me to Advanced Orthopedic Specialist. They made me feel comfortable. Dr. Bowen worked with me on pain management until we found what worked the best for me. I am currently 100% disabled through the VA and unable to work. But I still like to tinker around the house as much as my body will let me. Before seeing Dr. Bowen, I wasn't able to do much. But since we found something that worked, I am able to do a lot more and it has made my life less boring. I still do too much at times and pay for it with pain but not as much as before. My quality of life has increased 100% thanks to Advanced Orthopedic Specialists. I now have a hobby, my Jeep, and started a local Jeep club!  I run into a lot of people who have back problems and I tell them all about whom I see for mine." -- Dan R.

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