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"After breaking my ankle in 2 places playing roller derby, I was referred to Advanced Orthopedic Specialists.  The staff was friendly and considerate.  All of my appointments have been quick and have not taken much time out of my day-to-day life. It has been difficult trying to work and being unable to drive.  Luckily, I have great family, friends, co-workers and an excellent physician to help me overcome the trouble I've been having including missing roller derby practice.  Since I could no longer attend practice, I was able to teach a basic Photoshop class for adults, which has been a great learning experience for me as well as my students. I'm still working on my recovery but am now able to get most of my work done as a graphic designer and everyday my limitations are less and less.  I'm looking forward to getting back on the derby track as soon as I am completely healed." -- Ashton S.

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