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"The day before school started, my daughter, Lauren, suffered a broken tibia and fibula after an unfortunate fall at a friend's house.  After a quick trip to the ER, we were referred to Dr. Patrick Knight, the orthopedic doctor on call.  We were at his office the following day for our first appointment.  Dr. Knight was extremely personable and took time to explain every detail of Lauren's injury.  Decisions had to be made about the course of treatment.  Dr. Knight walked us through our options and gave his recommendations, which were right on target.  Although we have three children, we have never experienced a broken bone of this severity.  It was a very stressful and frightening situation for us but Dr. Knight was a calm and reassuring presence every time we met with him.  The break ended up requiring surgery to repair. Lauren is currently in a non-weight bearing, walking boot with crutches.  Again, Dr. Knight keeps close tabs on her progress weekly and breaks down all of the information we need to digest in understandable terms.  We have received fantastic care and would highly recommend Dr. Knight to other patients." -- Tim P., Father of Lauren

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