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"My grandson Weston broke his arm while in my care in early July.  We went to the ER that evening but Weston could not get his arm set because he had just eaten dinner.  We were instructed to call the orthopedics in the morning and make an appointment for that day and to plan to come back to the hospital where he would be sedated and have the arm set and casted.  He wasn't to eat or drink anything after midnight.  We went home with his poor little arm all wrapped securely in a hard shell sling.  Surprisingly enough he slept well, of course, due to the pain meds they prescribed him before we left, but all went smoothly. The next morning I called Dr. Knight's office and they wanted to see him in the afternoon.  I explained to them that he had not eaten and was instructed not to and he needed to be seem asap. Dr. Knight was wonderful with him and explained how God heals a break and how fast the process goes for a child.  He said to meet him at the hospital at 12:30 and he would get it fixed and we could be on our way.  We did and by 3:30 we were leaving the hospital with a pretty blue cast and a hungry little boy.  While it took up a whole evening and the whole next day, and certainly not what I would choose to do with my time, it was not bad at all.  I thought it would be very stressful and painful for him but that was not the case. Dr. Knight and his staff were wonderful...he gets his cast off Tuesday...just in time for school!" -- Cindi M.

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