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"On July 8 of this year, Dr. Knight did a total knee replacement for me. He had already done a partial replacement on the other knee. I am now a little over four weeks post-op, and am really close to being back to normal! Only used a walker for about a week, and then a cane for a day. Walking with no problems and NO LIMP!!!!! Dr. Knight, his office staff, and the staff at SFMC are wonderful. Not ONCE did I have any problems.  The most important thing I can say to anyone getting ready to have replacement done, is first GO TO THE CLASS and second---DO THE PRE-OP exercises! Those are important steps in making sure that you get perfect results from your surgery! I look forward to finishing up physical therapy soon, and getting back to enjoying my grandchildren again! Thank you, Dr. Knight for being so caring and compassionate, and thanks to the staff at your office and also at SFMC.  And a special thanks to Amy Brentlinger for answering all of my questions!!!!!" -- Judy H,

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