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"If I'm to be honest, my first trip to Dr. Bowen was as a resigned skeptic—not in the doc's abilities but lacking any hope that much could be done for me. Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was...or at least fancied myself to athlete, and powerlifting was the joy of my life. But several years ago, I started to experience moderate pain and stiffness that progressed to severe faster than anything could explain. Doctor visits and two surgeries revealed that my shoulder cartilage was nearly gone and beyond my comprehension I was told I needed both joints replaced. I've been in shock (and much pain) since. My wife talked me in to seeing Dr. Bowen. Several injections (beginning with steroids and progresssing most recently to glucosamine-chondroitin) later: the miraculous!  Now don't misunderstand me, I'm certainly not cured.  Even the best doc ain't God!  But let me tell you, the best doc plus God plus faith can do wonderful stuff. Weightlifting, within reason, is once again part of my life (including the bench press(!), and I'm beginning to feel like a warrior-poet again...perhaps an old warrior, but a warrior nonetheless.  And the spectre of grim surgeries (shoulder replacement X2) doesn't seem so ominous now. My experience at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists?  Good beyond hope. Thanks so much, Dr. Bowen!" --Mark G.

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