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"I have a condition called osgood schlatter. I would be standing up and all of a sudden I would be on the floor with my knee on the side of my leg.  I can remember being in a full leg brace (immobilizer) during most of the school dances. It's only happened three times as an adult. I am afraid when I fall I will break a hip and my husband will put me in a nursing home. LOL. So it's time that it is fixed because I am not getting any younger. Although this is an inconvenience for me and my family at the moment, there are a lot of people with worse conditions. I am very blessed to have Dr. Ritter, who will be doing arthroscopic surgery and correcting this problem.  I appreciate the fact that he is paying attention and looking out for my future. 

"I am a very active person that still works everyday.  My favorite hobby is kayaking on Current River.  So I am looking forward to a great kayaking trip at the end of the summer! God's blessings sent your way!" --Carol M.

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