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"In my mind, I told myself not to let the pain take over my life. No matter the type of shoe I wore, pain existed. I spoke with Dr. August Ritter at a social affair asking, 'Can you tell me if I would be able to see someone that works on feet in your group?' He said, 'Call the office tomorrow for an appointment with me.'

"Dr. Ritter saw me a week later; we talked about each problem with my toes and foot (hammer toes and Mortons Neuroma) and the options ahead. I settled on an injection and went on my merry way. Knowing the injection may or may not do the trick but hoping it was my answer. Three weeks later, I returned and we discussed surgery. My surgery was in April, and I am two weeks later in a walking boot. Everyone at AOS has been so caring and helpful as if I was their only patient. I look forward to my next appointment for my new implants and the full details on my foot's future." --Kathy M.

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