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"I had massive, old (20 years) rotator cuff tear that I didn't know about until I tore the last of it that was still attached. After Dr. Knight did my surgery, he told me that when he saw how old most of the tear was, he almost didn't do anything with it. Thank God he did though. He told me in post-op that he was a bit of a tinkerer. Now that's not something that you normally want your doctor to tell you, but being a machinist and a tinkerer myself and having watched and helped orthopedic surgeons in the past, this was a good thing to hear. I know from the past that in some situations, procedures don't always work the way they're supposed to and in those situations it is always good to have a doctor that is not afraid to try something a little bit unconventional. Dr. Knight is one of those people, and if it hadn't been for him, I would have next to no use of my right shoulder. Now I am at 80-90% of normal and working toward 100%. He told me when he released me to go back to work that God and I made it successful. I told him he had better put himself into that equation because if he hadn't done what he did we would never have had a chance! Thank you, Dr. Knight" --Roger Z.

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