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"After fracturing my tibia, Dr. Ritter and the staff was so helpful in repairing it and getting me back on my feet. The fracture happened on a Saturday which the emergency room staff splinted my foot and told me to call Monday for an appointment. When my husband called to make the appointment, my foot was going numb and I couldn't feel it. The nurse talked to the doctor and they wanted to see my that day. Dr. Ritter came in and unwrapped it and relieved the pressure that it had. Dr. Ritter was very friendly and took the time and explained the surgery and after surgery plans. My surgery was that Friday. Dr. Ritter came by the hospital that night to see me and make sure I was doing okay. I have had two follow up visits so far and every time the staff is so pleasant and helpful. I have another week to go to start walking again and I am very reassured that it will be a success." -- Debra J.

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