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"I had been having hip pain, which I thought was bursitis.  After suffering for three months and continuing to get worse, I went to see my primary physician who ordered X-rays then referred me to Advanced Orthopedic Specialists. I saw Dr. Bowman and could not have been happier with the results. After his exam, he determined that the left hip was giving me the most problem. He injected that hip and I felt better the very next day. I was able to walk and climb the stairs without too much pain. On my return visit and exam of the right hip, Dr. Bowman discovered that I had a tendon tear along with the bursitis. Dr. Bowman discussed possible treatment and we decided on the platelet replacement procedure. It has just been one week since the procedure and I am basically pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Bowman and his staff." -- Jeanne C.

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