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"Having had polio as a baby left me with weakened leg muscles and a never-ending reliance on my upper body strength. I have used my arms and hands extensively throughout my life. Walking on forearm crutches and pushing and pulling with my hands, repetitive wear and tear left me with severely painful arthritic thumb joints. I approached Dr. Lents to find out about joint replacement in my thumb two years ago for my right hand.  I had arthroplasty surgery to replace the CMC joint. Although painful at first, within about six months I hardly knew I had surgery and I regained full function of that thumb and can even snap my fingers - all pain free. A few weeks ago I had arthroplasty performed on my left thumb. I have complete confidence in the physicians at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists. I know this may seem like a small surgery compared to others Dr. Lents performs, but without this surgery, my daily life activities and quality of life would have been impacted egregiously. Thank you for improved quality of life." -- Maryann G.

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