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Average Rating: 4.7
“Dr. Morris was very nice. He explained everything and asked if I had any questions about the surgery or paperwork and also what my preference of hospital!”
– Normandy K.
Treated by: Ryan C. Morris, D.O.
“100% satisfied with the care I received for my knee replacement surgery. A huge thank you to all who assisted Dr. Ritter in making my mobility less painful and again thank you!”
– Linda W.
“He was very courteous and explained things to me. The most expressive thing was that he came into the room with a smile on his face and the staff there is all so friendly and caring.”
– Edith T.
Treated by: Rickey L. Lents, M.D.
“Great! I was seen in a timely fashion and the staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Trueblood was friendly and courteous along with his nurse practitioner. I will see him again if I should ever need an orthopedic specialist.”
– Michael B.
“Dr. Morris is very patient and willing to listen. He asks questions and then waits for the answers. He is not quick to recommend surgery and tries to allow your body to heal when it can. I have a broken foot and we are waiting to allow it to heal. If it does not, we will make a decision regarding surgery, but I feel comfortable that he will help me make the right decision. In addition, my 81 year-old mother-in-law recently broke her ankle which did require surgery and Dr. Morris performed her extensive ankle repair and she has done remarkably well. I would recommend Dr. Morris to anyone who has a need for an orthopedic specialist.”
– Bennetta H.
Treated by: Ryan C. Morris, D.O.
“I really appreciate Dr. Lents because he has done a fantastic job of diagnosing my right shoulder problem and promptly performed the surgery required and as of today I am well on my way to complete recovery. The pain has much improved. I would like to add that Sally his nurse has been extremely kind and has gone out of her way to make sure that all of my questions and concerns are answered.”
– Patricia C.
Treated by: Rickey L. Lents, M.D.
“Dr. Lents and his staff are outstanding. I received prompt diagnosis and treatment. Made a full recovery. Thank you.”
– Elizabeth H.
Treated by: Rickey L. Lents, M.D.
“It’s been great!”
– Tom C.
“Quick, friendly, and no complaints.”
– Jenna S.
“I like Dr Shafer because he doesn’t force you to do anything. He tells me what he thinks and it’s my choice weather I do it or not. I really like him. He is spot on!”
– Della U.