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R. August Ritter, III, M.D.

Shoulder & Elbow, Hand & Wrist, Hip & Knee, Foot & Ankle, Total Joint Care

“I enjoy being able to see the positive change I can bring about in my patients’ lives.”

Originally from Cape Girardeau, Dr. Ritter joined Advanced Orthopedic Specialists in 1993. After receiving his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Dr. Ritter went on to obtain his medical degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine. From there, he completed an internship at Spectrum Health Systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and an orthopedic fellowship at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Ritter then went on to complete his residency in orthopaedic surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

In addition to his clinical duties, Dr. Ritter serves as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Southeast Hospital.

When he’s not seeing patients or mentoring young professionals, Dr. Ritter enjoys an array of activities, including sailing, hunting, and playing polo. He also spends his free time training herding dogs and raising sheep, ducks, and draft horses.

Dr. Ritter is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.


  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Missouri State Medical Association
  • Cape Girardeau County Medical Society
  • Missouri State Orthopaedic Association

"So far, it has been great." -- Larry E.

"My experience was exactly as I expected. A number of people in my family have used this office, and everyone has been satisfied with the service they received. Dr. Ritter, his P.A., nurses, and staff treated me with high regard. Dr. Ritter left me with a calm in knowing he would take the time and discover the causes and cure or needed therapy to improve my problem within medical ability." -- Patricia S.

"Dr. Ritter is very thorough. He is tough but I need that. I also want to throw down a compliment to Leigh (Lee), who is so personable and genuinely interested in my well being. Thanks! Can't wait to walk again!" -- Faune R.

"After breaking my ankle in 2 places playing roller derby, I was referred to Advanced Orthopedic Specialists.  The staff was friendly and considerate.  All of my appointments have been quick and have not taken much time out of my day-to-day life. It has been difficult trying to work and being unable to drive.  Luckily, I have great family, friends, co-workers and an excellent physician to help me overcome the trouble I've been having including missing roller derby practice.  Since I could no longer attend practice, I was able to teach a basic Photoshop class for adults, which has been a great learning experience for me as well as my students. I'm still working on my recovery but am now able to get most of my work done as a graphic designer and everyday my limitations are less and less.  I'm looking forward to getting back on the derby track as soon as I am completely healed." -- Ashton S.

"My doctor did an amazing job on my surgery. With a few small complications that are being worked out through therapy this has been a relatively a great choice for a full knee replacement. I’m looking forward to a full recovery and to getting back to doing most of the things I’ve enjoyed all of my life. Thank you for a great, caring, and committed team of doctors, nurses, and staff for doing everything you can to make me feel special and not just like another patient during this process." -- Kelly S.

"I have a condition called osgood schlatter. I would be standing up and all of a sudden I would be on the floor with my knee on the side of my leg.  I can remember being in a full leg brace (immobilizer) during most of the school dances. It's only happened three times as an adult. I am afraid when I fall I will break a hip and my husband will put me in a nursing home. LOL. So it's time that it is fixed because I am not getting any younger. Although this is an inconvenience for me and my family at the moment, there are a lot of people with worse conditions. I am very blessed to have Dr. Ritter, who will be doing arthroscopic surgery and correcting this problem.  I appreciate the fact that he is paying attention and looking out for my future. 

"I am a very active person that still works everyday.  My favorite hobby is kayaking on Current River.  So I am looking forward to a great kayaking trip at the end of the summer! God's blessings sent your way!" --Carol M.

"In my mind, I told myself not to let the pain take over my life. No matter the type of shoe I wore, pain existed. I spoke with Dr. August Ritter at a social affair asking, 'Can you tell me if I would be able to see someone that works on feet in your group?' He said, 'Call the office tomorrow for an appointment with me.'

"Dr. Ritter saw me a week later; we talked about each problem with my toes and foot (hammer toes and Mortons Neuroma) and the options ahead. I settled on an injection and went on my merry way. Knowing the injection may or may not do the trick but hoping it was my answer. Three weeks later, I returned and we discussed surgery. My surgery was in April, and I am two weeks later in a walking boot. Everyone at AOS has been so caring and helpful as if I was their only patient. I look forward to my next appointment for my new implants and the full details on my foot's future." --Kathy M.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ritter for a number of years—since around 1997, I believe. In spite of my aging mainframe and propensity to fall, he has kept me on my feet without surgical intervention, including recently referring me to Southeast Radiology for a spinal steroid epidural that has almost completely relieved my symptoms from an arthritic spur at my L5-S1 level. I appreciate his professionalism and friendship and the care that he and his staff continue to provide." --John R.

"After fracturing my tibia, Dr. Ritter and the staff was so helpful in repairing it and getting me back on my feet. The fracture happened on a Saturday which the emergency room staff splinted my foot and told me to call Monday for an appointment. When my husband called to make the appointment, my foot was going numb and I couldn't feel it. The nurse talked to the doctor and they wanted to see my that day. Dr. Ritter came in and unwrapped it and relieved the pressure that it had. Dr. Ritter was very friendly and took the time and explained the surgery and after surgery plans. My surgery was that Friday. Dr. Ritter came by the hospital that night to see me and make sure I was doing okay. I have had two follow up visits so far and every time the staff is so pleasant and helpful. I have another week to go to start walking again and I am very reassured that it will be a success." -- Debra J.

"I was pleased with the timeliness with which I was seen versus my scheduled appointment time. Dr. Ritter's staff and he were very attentive, listened, explained treatment alternatives, and ultimately recommended a minimally invasive conservative approach to dealing with my 'frozen shoulder'. I have largely recovered from the effects now some ten months or so from the first symptoms and have about 95% of the full range of motion in my right shoulder/arm and with only some mild occasional soreness. Thank you so much. Now back to the golf course!" -- Paul K.